/ALPA of switzerland releases 12 PLUS, a new symmetrical technical camera

ALPA of switzerland releases 12 PLUS, a new symmetrical technical camera

the ALPA 12 PLUS breathes swiss manufacturer ALPA’s experiences of the last 12 years with the XY, MAX, and STC. the PLUS is the camera for still and moving image — perfect for many tasks as architecture photography, landscape, commercial tasks, studio work and much more. all of them strongholds of ALPA cameras.



the latest camera body from ALPA features an entirely symmetrical design — front and back. it is a flexible tool for high-end photography — it doesn’t really matter how you set it up, it provides persistent access to the knobs; whether on the ladder from below or near the ground from above. also, each of the four sides has its own adjustable spirit level. of course, the usual ALPA accessory connectors are located on all sides. in combination with various accessories, the silex mk. II control unit connects quickly and efficiently to control the new electronic shutters. the ball-bearing movement for shifting and stitching can be decoupled for quick adjustments.



the new magnetic shift scale sticks can be used more conveniently and quickly, and thus always provide an overview of the movements in place, even from behind the camera, all of which make everyday work more comfortable. apropos backs, although the ALPA PLUS has been consequently developed for the requirements of digital photography, analog photography on roll-film was not forgotten. all you need to do is attach SB 17 or SB 34 ALPA lenses with a rear-mounted fixed or tilt/swing adapter.





the ALPA 12 PLUS in a conventional setup with ALPA HR alpagon digital lenses in copal shutter and digital back




the ALPA 12 PLUS also integrates the newest technology with digitally controlled shutters and controls





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