/Art in your new home in Cozumel Mexico

Art in your new home in Cozumel Mexico

Art in your new home in Mexico:
Part 1 – Belgian Artist Peter Terrin

When you move into a new house, one of the first things to do is warm it up. Even if it comes fully-furnished, adding features that you love or that represent you make it feel like YOUR home!
But where do you start?

peter Terrin art in cozumelIf you know me, you know I have a love and appreciation for fine art. When I’m not helping fellow islanders buy or sell their home, you can find me checking out local art exhibitions and up-and-coming artists.

Being so, my absolute favorite way to warm up and personalize a home is by adding artwork! The right piece can become a focal point in a room, set the tone, and even be a conversation-starter. But where can you find art around Cozumel? This is the first of a series where I will introduce you to very talented artists in the area.

Of the many wonderful artists around Cozumel, Peter Terrin is among my favorites. I have followed his work for years and am one of his many, many fans. It’s easy to see why his work is so popular. His core belief about the beauty of life paired with his passion for painting and people come together to create works that amaze and inspire.

Meet Peter Terrin

art mexico

Peter is a contemporary artist from Belgium who began drawing at a very early age. His father, who was a language and history teacher, incorporated Peter’s drawings of ancient figures into his lessons. This ignited a passion in Peter. A passion he says is as vital to him as eating and breathing.

Peter continued on in life and graduated from the Providenciaal Technisch Instituut Kortrijk in Belgium with a degree in Textile Design. After graduation, he set out on a journey to discover himself. While always carrying his passion for art, he spent fourteen years traveling; living and working in Austria, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Ibiza, and Mexico. During this time, he met many amazing people, learned new languages, and has many rich stories he carries with him.


Peter’s Work



art in the making

Peter has since settled down and now creates art from his studio in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico; just a short ferry ride and 15-minute drive from Playa del Carmen.
He has a disciplined approach and unique style through which he expresses feeling, mood, and emotion. His tool of choice is a pallet knife, which he uses to apply acrylic paint to large-scale canvases.






Here is a look at some of his recent work:


art in mexico


art in cozumel


art in Mexico monarca


peter terrin art


peter terrin art in cozumel


Peter has held exhibitions around the world in locations such as Monaco, New York, Miami, Toronto, Belgium, the Netherlands, and here in Mexico. He has also been featured in a number of publications

See More From Peter Terrin

You can view Peter’s work and creation process online by visiting his Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram profile, or website. Further, you can visit him in-person at his studio and gallery in Puerto Aventuras which he opens up to the public.

art eyes

I hope you have enjoyed Peter Terrin’s wonderful work as much as I do!
If you liked this post, stay tuned as I will be featuring more of my favorite local artists in the weeks to come!


Recent news:

I’m excited to announce I have been hired to fully style one of our 4-bedroom oceanfront houses.
Hopefully, I may hang one of Peters art pieces in that new Cozumel design home.

It will be ready to rent December 2017 (pictures to come)!

Keep in mind, when you hire me as your real estate agent, my service doesn’t stop when I hand you the title to your property.
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