/Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico – Carina Barbachano

Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico – Carina Barbachano

Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico:
Part 2 – Artist Carina Barbachano

Welcome to part two of Art in Your New Home in Mexico!

As a real estate broker and aficionado of art here in Cozumel, I am bringing my two passions together in this series. Tune in each month to discover talented local artists whose artwork can warm up your new home!
This month’s featured artist is Ines Carina Barbachano Falkenberg.
Her work has a very feminine feel with several layers and it lights up any room it is in.
It truly can change my day when I see it! It just makes me feel happy.
Meet Carina and see her beautiful work displayed inside various homes.


Meet Carina Barbachano

art cozumel mexico carina Barbachano

Carina was born in the United States to her Mexican and Canadian parents. She later attended college in Merida, Yucatan where she majored in graphic design and minored in fashion.
Now, she calls Cozumel her home.
Her passion for art and creativity began when she was a child and still thrives in her today.
She is always looking for ways to grow through experimentation and inspiration.

“We are alive”

art cozumel mexico

Carina paints with oil and spray paint on canvas but is not afraid to incorporate other mediums.  She considers herself more of a colorist than a figurist, which means instead of using figures to express emotions, she uses color.  

Recurring subjects in her work include the female form and nature. She highlights the duality of softness and strength that women possess and is highly inspired by the female structure. She believes every female form possesses its own beauty.


Further, nature is a great part of her life, and she feels passionate about painting flowers. She says flowers and plants remind us we are alive, and they grow back even if they are stepped on, also symbolic of a softness and strength.

Carina’s Work

Here is a peek into some of Carina’s work displayed inside homes.


art cozumel mexico cari barbachano


art cozumel mexico

art cozumel real estate

art mexico cari barbachano

See More from Carina Barbachano

If you would like to see more of Carina’s work, you can visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Also, if you missed last month’s featured artist, the amazing
Peter Terrin, be sure to take a look!

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