/Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico – Pedro Fonseca

Art in Your New Home in Cozumel Mexico – Pedro Fonseca

Art Cozumel Mexico
Part 3 – Artist Pedro Fonseca

Welcome to part three of my series: Art in Your New Home in Cozumel, Mexico!
Each month I select a talented artist from our local area and share their work with my readers.
For February, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Pedro Fonseca! His unique mix of styles and passion for painting come together to make truly unique, inspiring pieces.


Fonseca’s work is said to have the “Direct appeal of poster art with the boundary-breaking freedom of abstract expressionism.”

Meet Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca is originally from Puebla but fell in love with Quintana Roo and made it his home. His love for art can be traced back to when he used to draw superhero cartoons in his school notebooks and create storyboards without words.
When he grew older, he underwent training for graphic design but realized his passion was for painting. He told his wife he just wanted to paint and she said “Okay, paint! Paint to be happy.”

art cozumel mexico

He decided to paint faces, from everyday people to icons who have had a positive impact on humanity. In each of his paintings, he tries to show the nicest possible side of the person, while expressing joy, brightness, and happiness. He desires to share the way he sees life through his work.

When it comes to his style, Fonseca defines his as a mix of post-modernism with a pop art style. He learned the theoretical models of fine art in his early education but is mainly self-taught and has an intuitive understanding of the abstract technique. Further, he says that Jackson Pollack, a post-modernist New York artist who bases all his work on a technique called dripping, has been very influential to him. You will notice common themes in Fonseca’s work include faces, nice fonts, glowing colors, and splatters.


Without further adieu, here is a collection of his work!

Pedro Fonseca’s Work

art Cozumel Mexico


art in cozumel mexico


art cozumel Mexico

John Lennon art cozumel Mexico

Exhibitions around the world

Pedro Fonseca’s work is currently featured around the world. It has been in exhibitions all over Mexico as well as in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and Basel. In 2018, he will be featured in Brussels and Turkey!
You can also find it online.

Brighten Up Your Cozumel Home

We are lucky to have so many amazingly talented people living in and around Cozumel, and Pedro Fonseca is one who stands out. His work would be a lovely addition to any Cozumel home.
Further, you can hire him to paint you a custom portrait of you, your family member, or a pet in his signature style!

My husband is turning 50 this month, and my son and I are getting him a custom painting from Pedro as a special gift.


We can’t wait to add it to our home!


I hope you have enjoyed Pedro’s work and stay tuned as I might share pictures of my husband’s special gift soon!


Added on February 26th 2018
Have a look at our art from Pedro Fonseca!


art in cozumel


Thanks for a life time joy inside our home!