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Deeply Rooted and Joyfully Engaged


TEDM Mark Warkentin

Mark Warkentin is a real estate investor, lawyer, husband and father. As president of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Abbotsford Police Board, he is very involved in his community. Growing up with a pastor father, Mark’s family moved often, living in California and many areas of Western Canada. Now, he has settled in what he calls “the hometown he didn’t grow up in,” where he has lived for the past 20 years. An active part of the faith community in Abbotsford, Mark maintains the deep roots set down by his early life experiences.

A former managing partner, Mark is interested in the managing of organizations and how to implement good management practices. He believes who you are in business with is key and is almost more important than the business itself. He always tells his clients that no matter how good a deal is, if you’re not in it with good people, it’s not worth it. Mark says he would walk away from money if the alternative was to destroy a relationship he valued.

Mark believes you should find out what your strengths are and focus on those instead of compensating for the things you aren’t good at. When reflecting on his position with the Chamber of Commerce, his involvement stems from a keen interest in public service. He genuinely wants to make a difference and his goal is to leave it better than he found it. Mark is skilled at recruitment, boards and strategic thinking, and strives to bring value to the Chamber in this way. A proponent of self awareness, he tries to be open and deliberate on a daily basis. Paying attention to what his strengths and weaknesses are is what helps him grow as human being.

On the latest episode of The Everyday Millionaire, Mark discusses partnerships, key points from building his business, and he runs through a joint venture checklist for real estate investors. He also shares his philosophy about money, as well as the value he sees in self-reflection and meaningfully showing up in his life. 

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