/Happy holidays from your realtor in Cozumel

Happy holidays from your realtor in Cozumel

Seasons Greetings to All!

seasons greetings karen cozumel realtorAs the holidays approach, I would like to genuinely thank each and every client that has become a part of the Cedral family here in Cozumel.
Having come from all around the world, it has truly been my pleasure to help each of you make the island your new home.

As your realtor, I am granted the opportunity to hear your stories, share laughs, and get to know you.
We venture out as a team and take each step of the buying process together.

I get to share more than just properties with you, but things I love about the island such as:
The local art , info about the international sports destination we now are and the way that so many families behind the facades in the street have their own unique, beautiful story.
When we find the perfect fit and I hand over the keys, there is nothing like seeing the ear-to-ear smiles as you open the door to your new life!

I truly love to witness how the passion of each new islander contributes to making Cozumel a better place.
It’s wonderful to watch your lives here grow and flourish as you join the community, find hobbies, and embrace the natural beauty surrounding us.
It reminds me of my own story, falling in love with the island and building my family here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who have chosen my team at Cedral Caribe and I to help you find your perfect home in the paradise of Cozumel.
I am grateful so many of you have stayed in my life in one way or another!

May the season bring you and your loved ones, peace, health & fulfillment to inspire you to boldly go into your chosen direction, and reach your chosen destination.

team cedral caribe realtorsWe wish you a Merry Christmas, the Merriest of New Years!


Riccardo Garcia

Cristina Romero

Karen Bloemhoff


Brokers at Cedral Caribe Realtors


Thank you Mik ‘n Drik !
Love the way seeing Cozumel through YOUR lens as well!