/Rally Maya Mexico 2018

Rally Maya Mexico 2018

The 5th running of the Regularity-Tour Rally is coming to Cozumel May 23!

rally mexico 2018

What is the Rally Maya Mexico?

It’s a nine-day event, running May 23 to June 1, that blends archaeology, gastronomy, sport, social responsibility, a rolling museum, and a cultural and road tour.


Up to 100 classic cars will compete in a 1200-kilometer (500-mile) regularity rally. The rally will be broken up into five stages over five days, starting in Cozumel and continuing to Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Merida, and Cancun.


Highlights of the route include the San Gervasio Archaeological Zone, the Tulum Ruins, Chichen Itza, the ruins at Yaxauah, and a scenic route of cenotes. Additionally, there will be an exhibition and parade in Cozumel, cultural and touristic activities in Merida, and an awards ceremony in Cancun.

Maya Rally 2018All of the cars must be over 40 years old (up to 1975 models are eligible), and there will be several categories including 1915-1931,1932-1949, 1950-1964, and 1965-1975. It will be quite the sight to see!

Benefits a Good Cause

rally maya 2018


The Rally will certainly be fun and interesting, but it also aims to give back which makes it even better! Proceeds will help to supply wheelchairs and health information to isolated communities, and will support medical treatment for children suffering from hearing problems and Type I Diabetes.

Cozumel Rally Maya Mexico 2018 Events

When will the rally be in Cozumel?


May 23

All of the cars will be displayed in Andres Quintana Roo Park.


May 24

There will be a parade.


May 25

The rally will begin with the starting flag at Andres Quintana Roo Park. Cars will drive to the San Gervasio Archaeological Zone, Punta Sur Lighthouse, El Cedral, and Chankanaab.


May 26

Cars will leave the island and head to Valladolid.

Rally Maya Mexico 2018 full course

And, here is the full 2018 course.

Rally Maya Mexico 2018 map

Stage 1
ZA San Gervasio
South Point
El Cedral


Stage 2
Punta Venado
ZA Tulum
Punta Laguna

Stage 3
San Felipe
Chichen Itza

Stage 4
Chichen Itza
Yucatan Convention Center XXI Century

Stage 5
Chichen Itza International Airport (Kaua)
Hotel Nizuc
Grand Oasis Cancun

What is a regularity rally?

A regularity rally is not a race of speed. The object is to drive each segment of the course within a specified amount of time and at a specified average speed. Participants will compete in teams consisting of a driver and a co-pilot.


Each team usually starts at a time specific to them. Meanwhile, marshals man the route in positions usually unknown to the drivers and record the time as each car passes them. Other features may be present in the rally such as points where teams have to record their own times and where they have to stop and wait for an exact time to depart.


The difference between a team’s actual times and the target times, whether early or late, determine penalties. The team with the lowest amount of penalties wins.

Come out and join in the fun!

Rally Maya Mexico 2018

More and more large and wonderful events are coming to Cozumel, and this new one is more than welcome in our little paradise! I love that Rally Maya has chosen to start this year’s rally on our beautiful island and that there will be opening events for us all to enjoy.  Further, it’s wonderful that the event aims to help people in need.


If you will be here between May 23rd to the 26th, come out to see all the beautiful cars in-person and experience this unique event!


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Rally Maya MexicoPhoto credits: Rally Maya website


Have a look at this GREAT VIDEO of this event coming to OUR paradise!